An ode to the festive & romantic hues of winter, Seher is a blend of vibrant colours and timeless fabrics that results in the celebration love, life and one’s true style.


जश्न-ए-त्योहार 💫

Through the journey of different seasons,
With the celebration of elegance,
A collection curated with fine craftsmanship,
To spread love & light all around.


Embrace the season’s delights with Bahaar - a collection that embraces the vintage-inspired fashion of the summers gone by ✨


At the golden hour she glistens in all her glory.
Here’s to tis sweet summer full of sunshine


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of tropical fashion. Embrace the vibrant colors, the exotic prints, and the relaxed elegance of Havana. Step into a world where easy casual wear meets timeless style, and let the tropical vibes transport you to a place of freedom, joy, and endless possibilities.


Inspired by the natural elements and creatures of the ocean, Dariya encapsulates the allure of summer through its easy to wear silhouettes in pastel hues. 🌊



Experience a world full of beautifully blocked prints with Tasha India.


The collection is a nod to every dream we ever dreamt, every obstacle we overcame and the journey we've had within.